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The idea for useful-info.co.uk came from a conversation with another member of staff at Cambrian Photography who asked me to explain to him the differences between various ages and compatabilities of Nikon Lenses. In explaining this to him I made some scribbled notes on a piece of scrap paper. It was then that I realised that after more than ten years in or around the photographic trade, both as a photographer and in retail, I had absorbed a considerable amount of information about equipment and technique. At the time I had also been trying to find out about building websites in order to sell my own photographs, and so I had the idea of making a site providing useful information as a practice project for building myself a commercial web site at a later date. I started by putting up a collection of links and information that I find useful both about photography and website building. It took a a fair bit of time before I managed to find the time to write about those 'Nikon Lenses' but I have put up a page now and hope to add more at some point. I have spent a lot of time double checking information before including it, however, if you find any errors in the information provided or technical errors such as broken links please contact me to let me know. More recently my attention has been turned to buiding a wesite to showcase my photography and this can be found at www.christopherlavisjones.com from here you can see some of my work and also navigate to my other websites.

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